Company Profile


RealSpace is an architectural rendering company located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Their talented team of 3D artists specialize in the production of 3d renders and animations.

RealSpace is the perfect company to work with for building innovative presentations for . architecture, marketing, developers, clients, or reglatory boards. With clients ranging from homeownser to fortune 500 companies they have been in successfully serving clients for over ten years. In addition to architectural rendering, RealSpace also offers its clients 3d floorplans, 3d animations, and virtual reality .

RealSpace produces exceptional exterior renderings. Their projects tend to range in size from single dwelling homes to highrise towers. However, their specialty seems to be lowrise buildings and townhouses . RealSpace has exterior scenes with lighting ranging from full daylight to moody dusk renderings.

RealSpace has a comprehensive portfolio with numerous examples of interior renderings. One of the essential features of good quality interiors renderings is the lighting . RealSpace uses excellent lighting techniques, and their images are photorealistic and dynamic. They showcase versatile lighting styles and techniques. They feature various types of furnishing, and their attention to detail is excellent .

RealSpace offers aerial renderings. They offer full 3d aerial scenes where everything in the image is created in 3d.. RealSpace produces photo and drone rendering, where the 3d building is merged into a photo.